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Аудио-видео аппаратура для автомобилей
DrARTEX Baffle 04
Цена: 7.59 €
26.21 Lt
DrARTEX Baffle 04 – Sheet thickness 4mm
Application: Baffle 04 – Doors, Roof
An advanced product designed to serve the dual purpose of sound and heat insulation. This material does not decay over time due to its composition. Structure of this material as well as protective film ensure it does not absorb moisture. Certain areas in the car have very tight space to fit in soundproofing products, because of this we have created two variations of this product – 4mm and 8mm thickness, to allow you to achieve the maximum effect where it is possible and to get the results in areas where it is very difficult.
A composite polyethylene foam with closed cell structure with a layer of protective film on top to assure better durability and appearance.
Material Thickness (mm): 4+-10% 
Mass per m² (kg): 0.185+-10% 
Fire risk, burning rate (mm/min): Non-flammable, <100 
Durability of connection between the material and the metal surface during flaking-off (N/cm): >2
This material should installed on clean, dry surfaces, including on complex surfaces. (WARNING: Not to be installed on corroded metal surfaces!). First clean the surface from dirt, it is recommended to use water with neutral detergents, which do not contain organic solvents and alkali. After surface dries, degrease it with white spirit, gasoline or other solvents and allow dry completely. Peel off the anti-adhesive paper and thoroughly press against the surface, avoiding the formation of air bubbles between the surface and the material. Roll the material with a roller, pressing it through so that there is no air trapped between the material and the surface (use the "from the center to the edge" technique ). It is best to apply the material in working environments with temperatures between +18 and +35°С.
Recommended usage areas: ● Baffle 04 (4mm) – Doors, Roof
Price for 1 unit.
1 sheet size - 50 x 37,5 cm


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