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Airmotiv S12

Žemų dažnių kolonėlė su 12” žemų dažnių garsiakalbiu.

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The Airmotiv S12 is a powered subwoofer that features a 12” heavy duty downward firing active low frequency driver, and a 12” front firing passive radiator. The Airmotiv S12 can deliver the raw power you need to add that final touch of realism to a movie, while still offering the low distortion and precise control you need for accurate, superb sounding music reproduction. The Airmotiv S12 is the ideal subwoofer to use with a high quality home theater or surround sound music system, or to fill in the last few important lowest octaves in a top quality stereo music system.


Airmotiv Subwoofers
Emotiva Airmotiv™ Subwoofers were designed to reproduce the lowest frequencies in the audio spectrum accurately and with exceptionally low distortion – even at the high listening levels in modern movies. It’s these important lowest octaves that make music sound real, and that bring the action in a well-recorded movie soundtrack right there into the room with you. Our Airmotiv Subwoofers deliver all the dynamics and raw power you need to make a modern movie soundtrack rattle the walls, but still offer the precision and superb musicality you need to get the most from audiophile quality music recordings. Adding an Airmotiv Subwoofer will take your music listening and home theater experience to the next level.


Our Airmotiv Subwoofers come in three models: the S10, the S12, and the S15. Each model includes a downward firing heavy duty high excursion powered bass driver; a front mounted performance matched high excursion passive radiator and a powerful audiophile quality Class A/B amplifier. The various models offer identical controls and features; the main difference is that the larger models have more power and can produce higher output levels, and their frequency response extends slightly lower. The cabinets are crafted of heavily braced acoustically inert HDF, with integral shock absorbing feet, and attractive removable sculpted fabric grills. The front bezels are finished with several coats of satin finish black lacquer, and the sides and rear are covered with durable yet attractive textured vinyl. Their futuristic but understated design aesthetic blends well with almost any decor. The full complement of controls and input connections are located conveniently out of sight on the rear panel, which also includes the high-efficiency heat sinks that provide cooling for the internal amplifiers.


The Airmotiv S12 offers both excellent technical performance and great sound quality; that’s why it does an awesome job of shaking the floor when you’re listening to the latest blockbuster movie, but also sounds great with music.

Audiophile Quality Electronics
A powerful 500 watt RMS audiophile quality Class A/B amplifier, powered by an oversized toroidal power transformer, provides the Airmotiv S12 with plenty of power to fully energize your room with clean low distortion bass.

Flexible input and control options, including both balanced and unbalanced inputs, and a LF Boost control, allow you to customize bass response in the lowest octave just the way you want it.

An advanced multi-stage limiter protects the Airmotiv S12 from being overdriven, and keeps distortion from intruding on your listening experience.

Flexible crossover controls allow you to tune your Airmotiv 12 to match your room and your listening preferences.

Everything Starts With Great Drivers
The downward firing active driver and forward firing passive radiator evenly load the room with deep powerful omnidirectional bass with no port noise or other distractions.

Both drivers feature non-pressed treated paper cones, reinforced with aramid fibers, for excellent rigidity and optimal internal acoustic damping.

Rugged construction, including cast aluminum baskets, tough SBR rubber surrounds, and large internal clearances on both drivers, ensure years of trouble free service.

The active driver features a powerful heavy duty motor assembly, with a large diameter double stacked ferrite magnet, and a 2-1/2” heavy duty solid copper voice coil on an aluminum former, with woven tinsel leads and a flat spider, for superior power handling and low distortion.

Forced air cooling, a vented pole piece, and vents located under the spider, ensure that our drivers remain cool, even with extended use under demanding operating conditions, for a long life and excellent reliability.

A Great Subwoofer Needs A Great Cabinet
A heavily braced, acoustically inert HDF cabinet ensures that the only sound you’ll hear from the Airmotiv S12 is pure clean bass, and integral non-slip rubber feet ensure that your S12 sub will stay exactly where you want it.

A tough yet attractive exterior, with a multi-layer satin finish lacquer coating, give the front panel of the Airmotiv S12 an elegant understated appearance, while a durable yet attractive vinyl covering protects the sides and rear from damage and fingerprints.

A removable sculpted fabric grill protects the front mounted passive radiator, and keeps your technology under wraps, but can be easily removed for cleaning, or to show off your Airmotiv sub to your audiophile friends.


One 12” heavy duty downward firing active low frequency driver, with non-pressed paper cone reinforced with aramid fibers, 2-1/2” copper voice coil on an aluminum former, large magnet with vented pole pieces, cast aluminum frame, and tough SBR rubber surround.

One 12” front firing passive radiator, with non-pressed paper cone reinforced with aramid fibers, cast aluminum frame, and tough SBR rubber surround.

Electrical Specifications
Amplifier type: Audiophile quality Class A/B with toroidal transformer.

Amplifier power: 500 Watts RMS; 750 Watts peak.

Protection: Advanced multi-stage low-distortion limiter.

Frequency response: 24 Hz – 152 Hz (+3/-3dB).

Inputs: Single XLR balanced input; summed left and right RCA unbalanced inputs.

Controls: Crossover, Phase, Volume, LF Boost.

AC Power: User selectable line voltage.

115 VAC/60 HZ (4A Fuse); 230 VAC/50 Hz (3A Fuse).

Cabinet: Heavily braced acoustically inert HDF cabinet with removable sculpted fabric-covered grill. The front bezel is finished in several coats of satin finish black lacquer; the sides and rear are covered in attractive yet durable textured vinyl.

Enclosure Loading: Tuned passive radiator.

17-3/8” high x 15-3/4” wide x 16-7/8” deep (unboxed).
22″ x 24″ x 25” (boxed).

66.247 lbs (unboxed).
79 lbs (boxed).





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Dėl Jus dominančios prekės pristatymo, kreipkitės info@soundservice.lt arba telefonu +370 600 47347.

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